Humphrey Bogart, 1899 - 1957

...with Mary Astor, Across the Pacific, 1942.

The Treasure of the Sierra Madre, 1948.

...with Edward G. Robinson, Brother Orchid, 1940.

...with Bette Davis, Dark Victory, 1939.

...with Lauren Bacall, To Have and Have Not, 1944.

...with Lauren Bacall, To Have and Have Not, 1944.

...with Lauren Bacall, The Big Sleep, 1946.

...with Lauren Bacall, The Big Sleep, 1946.

3-D Alien Worlds #1

A scan of Joe Chiodo's original art for Pacific Comics' 3-D Alien Worlds #1 and then an image of the published comic.

3-D Alien Worlds #1, July 1984.

Early Detective Comics

Here's some early issues of Detective Comics that have nothing to do with Batman. All cover art is by Craig Flessel.

Detective Comics #2, April 1937.

Detective Comics #3, May 1937.

Detective Comics #4, June 1937.

Detective Comics #5, July 1937.

Detective Comics #6, August 1937.

Detective Comics #7, September 1937.

Detective Comics #8, October 1937.

Detective Comics #10, December 1937.

Detective Comics #11, January 1938.

Space Western Cowboy vs. Nazi Comic Book

Don't even ask me to explain this one...

Space Western Comics #44, June 1953. Cover art by Stan Campbell.

Cowgirl Pinups

Some pinups by Gil Elvgren with western theme...

Sitting Pretty
, 1955.

Shiner Texas Special, beer ad illustration, 1953.

Tops in Service, 1958.

A Key Situation, 1967.

Hi-Ho Silver
, 1969.

Polished Performance
, 1964.

Marvel 200's

The Mighty Thor
#200, June 1972. Cover art by John Buscema.

The Amazing Spiderman #200, January 1980. Cover art by John Romita.

The Incredible Hulk #200, June 1976. Cover art by Rich Buckler and John Romita.

The Fantastic Four #200, November 1978. Cover art by Jack Kirby and Joe Sinnott.

The Avengers
#200, October 1980. Cover art by George Perez and Terry Austin.

DC 200's

#200, October 1967. Cover art by Curt Swan.

Our Army At War #200, December 1968. Cover art by Joe Kubert.

Wonder Woman #200, June 1972. Cover art by Jeff Jones.

Detective Comics #200, October 1953.

Batman #200, March 1968. Cover art by Neal Adams.

Action Comics #200, January 1955. Cover by Win Mortimer.

Justice League of American #200, March 1982. Cover art by George Perez.

Cheryl Ladd

What the hell, here's some pictures of Cheryl Ladd. She became famous as the replacement for Farrah Fawcett in the hit show Charlie's Angels. Ladd starred in the show beginning in 1977 until it was cancelled in 1981.