B is for BOOM!

Action Comics #101, October 1946. Cover art by Wayne Boring.

"The Return," from Our Army at War #262, November 1973. Art by Russ Heath.

Racket Squad in Action #12, August 1954. Cover art by Steve Ditko.

Whitman Publishing Cover Art, attributed to Jack Sparling, 1976.

Atomic War!, November 1952.

A is for Alien

Invasion of the Saucer Men, 1957.

Batman #128, March 1959. Cover art by Sheldon Moldoff.

The Aliens #1, December 1967. Cover art by Russ Manning.

Alien Worlds #6, February 1984. Cover art by Frank Brunner.

3-D Alien Worlds #1, July 1984. Cover art by Joe Chiodo.

UFO Flying Saucers #5. Gold Key, 1975. Art by Luis Dominguez.

U.F.O. Seeing Is Believing, n.d. Art by Erv Gnat.

The Grand Canyon

A WPA poster promoting the Grand Canyon. I've been there for the last eight days and that's why I haven't been updating.



"Herakut"... Their work and style has influenced me a lot and I find the subjects and themes that they deal with really inspirational..

Some cover-ups and sleeves I started a few months ago

the first session on a sleeve at Black Concepts

This was a cover up, he had a tribal band going around the arm.. first session of a sleeve we started at Black Concepts Studios 

Sleeve in progress at black concepts studios.

this was a cover up .. was about 3 hours

Rosco's tattoo

Tattoo I did a few months back for bmx rider Rosco from Central Green / Tons of Fun...
The Bonsai is a sketch he did a few years back and the other elements are things he wanted to add,
He just gave me the concept and sketch and I put my own twist on it.

photo's supplied by; http://www.facebook.com/ByJono

Tales of the Zombie

A couple of nice covers by Earl Norem for the Marvel magazine Tales of the Zombie>

Tales of the Zombie #5, May 1974.

Tales of the Zombie #9, January 1975.

The Shadow!

A Shadow sketch by Mike Kaluta.

The Queen of Rockabilly

Keeping with the music theme from yesterday morning, but nothing really to do with Comic Book or Fantasy Art, here's some photos and a video of Wanda Jackson, the Queen of Rockabilly. Born in 1937, she began her music career in 1954, she hit it big in 1960 with her recording of "Let's Have a Party." She continued into the 1970's with a string of country and gospel music hits. She has been enjoying a revival of late, appearing at music festivals and with musician Jack White.

The Look

By Stanley Borack, no date.

Sweethearts of the Juke Box!

Juke Box Comics was published by Famous Funnies in 1948. It featured comic book bios of famous musical stars such as Perry Como, Benny Goodman, Peggy Lee, and Count Basie. One feature was "Sweetheart of the Juke Box," showcasing different female recording stars of the day.

Early Wrightson

Here's an early Bernie Wrightson drawing and an
ad for Abyss #1. Both from Infinity #2, 1970 or 1971.

Guest spotting


Catch me at Sins of style for some banging custom tattoos...

Radio Electronics Magazine

Forecast, Radio Electronics Magazine, 1960. Cover art by Frank R. Paul.

Forecast, Radio Electronics Magazine, 1965. Cover art by Alex Schomburg.

Girls Friday

A nice photo of a vintage television set.

Love in the Park by Al Buell.

Catwoman by Dave Stevens. From Who's Who in the DC Universe #4, June 1985.

Mars Attacks by John Bolton.