Hand-Poked Tattoos, Hot dogs, Exhibitions and Giant Hand Grenades

Tyler.B.Murphry doing Hand Poked tattoos at the "Hand-pokes & Hotdogs" event which took place
at the Pit at Clarke's on Bree Street in Cape Town.
S.O.S Held it down and the skaters were pretty bad ass as well. 

Believe it or not, but this is a Hnad-Poked portrait by Tyler from Sins of Style!

Some Fine art work made from a hand poked set up.

Some Exhibitions Ive been checking out, Some really talented dudes!

The Legends, Leonidas and Rico.. Two bad ass mofo's at the session at Clarke's

Jade (http://www.jadedoreenwaller.co.za/) and Hillary , super talented artists  alongside the biggest , reddest hand grenade ever